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We amplify the voices of purpose-driven brands 

You need a partner who knows how to harness the power of paid ads so that your business can get seen and grow.
We are that partner.

Hi, we’re Swell

We see you—you’re nervous about choosing an ads agency.

Getting it wrong can cost you an ocean of money and could even damage your brand reputation. Maybe you’ve been burned by an ads agency in the past. Or maybe your instincts are telling you your results could be better. 

Either way, one thing’s for sure—you need to find a team you can TRUST.

A team with long-term experience in the paid ads industry. A team who won’t spend a dime until they truly understand your brand needs and goals inside and out. A team you accidentally call “co-workers” instead of “agency partners” because they’re so integral to the success of your business.

Nice to meet you.

Bigger isn’t better 

You don’t need a big agency to get big results. We pride ourselves on being a small-yet-mighty team that can go with the flow and pivot as fast as you need us to. We’re the team our clients turn to when they need real partners who care about their brand as much as they do. 

Swell was founded by a team of former agency owners who came together with one common passion—to relentlessly pursue growth for our clients and ourselves.


Brands we’ve worked with

or as we like to say “clients with benefits”

Working with the Swell team has been a great experience. Their professionalism is evident in all our interactions: meetings are focused and efficient, projects are delivered on time, and communication is excellent. They’re proactive and agile, quickly pivoting based on the needs of the business and evolving marketplace trends.

Unlike many agencies, they don’t only provide tactical support. They consistently serve up fresh ideas for new creative assets keeping conversion and revenue top-of-mind in order to maximize the business.

Most importantly, Ali, Rachel, and Joel are very pleasant to work with and I look forward to our meetings every week. I can’t recommend them enough!

Andrea Brombin

VP of Brand Strategy and Business Development, BeautyBio

Ali’s dedication to not only our paid accounts but also our brand strategy is something I’d never witnessed before – she truly cares about our success. Jason’s tenacity and expertise on search had our ROAS higher than I have ever seen in any search account.

Their dedication to our brand has helped us navigate the difficult COVID-19 waters with not only high performance but a reassurance that was so needed.

Lindsey Sullivan

Head of Marketing, TAFT Clothing

After meeting with various agencies, it was easy to see that SWELL was in a league of their own right from the start. We began seeing results quickly and were impressed by their ability to adapt to our ever-changing list of priorities.

As our business goals changed, they were quick to develop and recommend new strategies, which helped increase our reach as well as our return on investment.

Marley Marotta

Head of Marketing, SpiritHoods

Swell’s dedication to our business is something rarely seen in the agency world—they are not only thought partners but have helped steer our brand through many years of growth and most recently through all the COVID-19 craziness. They truly care about our success as if this was a brand of their own. That paired with their results-driven approach make them the perfect partners.
Christopher Donnelly

Managing Director/GM, Caitlin Wilson Design

Nomadix logo
Taft Case Study

Meta TAFT Case Study

Getting the most out of your digital marketing is always a top objective for Swell. As the privacy regulations began rolling out, we worked with our client, TAFT, to ensure they were on the leading edge of adopting the Conversion API integration for Facebook.

Our Power Lift Study clearly showed a boost in performance for our Facebook ad campaigns giving us the confidence to continue scaling.

Working with Swell

We manage any and all of your ad accounts, staying aligned with your greater marketing ecosystem every step of the way.

Dedicated team

We’re your dedicated team—and we’re dedicated to you. Every client has access to each of our team members, even if they are not actively part of a project or campaign.

Adaptive strategy

Launching a new product? Searching for net-new customers? Ready to try a new platform? We’ve got you.

Any crew can hold the helm when the sea is calm. We’ll stick with you through the ever-changing challenges ahead – no waters are too deep or too wild.

More than paid ads management

Paid ads aren’t a standalone island—they’re part of a brand ecosystem. We dive in to understand your email and SMS strategies, site UX, content strategy and beyond – spilling out of the paid ads swimlane is normal for us.

Omni-channel paid ads management

This is a fancy way of saying we manage any ads platform you’d like us to take on. You give us goals and assets to work with. We’ll knock out the strategy, copywriting, designs, media buying, optimization, and reporting.

Our team also handles ad design creative as part of our relationship. Yup, you heard us right. All we ask for are the brand assets and product images, and we handle the rest!

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Amazon Shopping



Pinterest Ads

Microsoft Ads

Email + SMS


Should you work with Swell?

As much as we love bringing on new partners, not every business is ready to ride the wave with us.

Good Fit

(Let’s get growing!)


  • You’re a purpose-driven brand with growth goals
  • You have a clear vision for your brand and know what success looks like 
  • Your creative team is constantly developing new content and staying on top of trends
  • You’re spending at least $15,000 a month on paid ads and are ready to get better results

NOT a Good Fit

(Not quite right)


  • You’re happy with status quo
  • You need a silver bullet or a quick-fix for a failing marketing program
  • You don’t have a creative team or a consistent content strategy
  • You’re not ready to invest in a multi-channel approach at the moment 

Hear more from our clients

Meet the team

There’s no smoke and mirrors or passing you off to junior team members who are just learning their AOV from their CPC. When you work with Swell, you’re always working with our core team of strategists.

Tanner Holman

Tanner Holman

Paid Social Strategist

Customer Connector • Google & Meta Master

Emma Krueger

Emma Krueger

Project Manager

Team Builder • Organizational Ninja

Jason Linde

Jason Linde

Senior Growth Manager

Paid media geek • Data quivers at his sight

Rachel Palmateer

Rachel Palmateer

Managing Director

DTC Strategist • SOP Queen

Sarah Schreck

Sarah Schreck

Paid Ads Designer

Adobe Suite Devotee • Enthusiasm Enthusiast

What do our Paid Search and Social Services cost?

We have two fee structures depending on your combined ad spend across all platforms. And we only offer month-to-month agreements. You don’t want to be locked into a year-long contract with a team of strangers you just met. Neither do we!


Ad Spend


If your combined ad spend is $20k – $100,000 per month:

Base management fee:

Performance fee:

  • 15% of ad spend up to $29k
  • 12% of ad spend from $30k-$64k
  • 10% of ad spend from $65k-$99k

Ad Spend


If your combined ad spend is over $100,000 per month:

Base management fee:

Performance fee:
The performance fee for ad spend over $100,000 is based on several factors and the complexities of your account. These fees will be agreed upon before our work commences.

“Wait, what’s a performance fee?”

A performance fee is essentially retroactive billing based on your actual ad spend per month.

Let’s say you have an ad budget of $100,000 per month and you decide to pull back on one campaign. In the end, you may have only spent $75,000.

Rather than billing you for the time and resources it would have taken to manage your $100,000 campaign, we will adjust the performance fee for what you actually spent and thus the effort our team put in.

This safeguards you against unnecessarily spending too much and safeguards us against potentially not being compensated for the effort we put in.

Let’s Talk

YOU need a digital ads partner strategizing ad campaigns that actually work. 

WE would love to talk about being your partner.